‘You only get one Mam…’

>Mother’s Day is fast approaching and with that in mind, Commercial Trainee Andrew tells us what his mother means to him.

Andrew Davison, Commerical Trainee

Andrew Davison, Commerical Trainee

A mother is the truest friend you will ever have and I know if I have any trouble or big decisions I have to make, she will always be the first person I turn to for advice, usually over a cup of tea (Extra Fresh if you’re asking) and she is always right… no matter what the subject.

I can’t even begin to tell you the influence my mother has had on my life so far. I am one of 3 brothers all now ‘grown up’ however none of us have flown the nest yet, much to my mam and dads delight!

>With 4 men in the house my mother has become an expert in nearly all forms of sport, from football to cricket. She can tell the difference between a googly and a flipper like that *clicks fingers*. She’s endured many a cold and damp away match in the middle of nowhere where it rains sideways, just to show her support to my brothers and I. That constant love and support has made me the person I am today. She has taught me many lessons throughout the years such as a nice cup of tea and a warm bath can literally solve all world problems from relationships to stubbing your toe.

Big life lessons such as standing up for what you think is right and there being no substitute for hard work, which she’s demonstrated as she had an incredibly successful career helping others whilst bring up 3 children at the same time. The importance of family; we are still such a close family that we have our meals together every night including the legendary Sunday Dinner that she makes with my dad as sous chef. Family has always been the most important thing in our lives and it remains so today; A value that I believe strongly in and am the most grateful for her teaching me.

I don’t treat my mam half as much as I should. That’s why this mother’s day I’m going to show my appreciation for everything she has done for me with a Large Algernon gift box along with some of her favourite Brazil nut biscuits and that is nowhere near enough.

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