April 23rd is St George’s Day and here at Ringtons we’re going to be celebrating. The legend of St George dates back to the 10th Century and is thought to have been brought back with the Crusaders and retold. The narrative tells of a knight (St George), who saved a princess from the jaws of an evil dragon. Traditionally, the sword] with which St. George slew the dragon was called Ascalon, a name recalling the city of Ashkelon, Israel. From this tradition, the name Ascalon was used by Winston Churchill for his personal aircraft during World War II since St. George is the Patron Saint of England.

So how to celebrate the day? Here at Ringtons HQ we’re going to be holding our very own mini Afternoon tea party. Sandwiches with the crusts cut off, lots of Tea Cake and Strawberry and Cream Biscuits. There’ll be a few of our famous Tea Infusers in action, (a favourite with local star Cheryl Cole) and of course, copious amounts of tea. Kenyan Gold, Extra Fresh and Peppermint are my personal favourites. They’ll be poured into some of our English inspired mugs and cups.

How will you be spending St George’s Day?


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