Treat yourself to a terrifyingly good Ringtons Hallowe'en.The Ringtons Blog Treat yourself to a terrifyingly good Ringtons Hallowe'en.

Double, double toil and trouble;

    Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

It’s that time again. The air begins to smell like burning embers, our breath frosty as we step outside. The nights grow darker and hibernation plays on our mind. An eerie kind of stillness descends as tales of hauntings and spooky sightings come our way.

So how best to make sure you stay away from the chaos and create your own safe Hallowe’en haven?

If you have children to keep amused, why not try the following;

Chocolate Brazil Nut Biscuits, otherwise known on Hallowe’en as Wolf teeth wrapped in chocolate flavoured mud. Or how about a bubbling cup of cauldron soup (Hot Chocolate) with Dragon claws (Chocolate Brazils). Our Biscuit Hamper (or haunted house) comes with a stack of our favourites to keep anyone quiet.

And for those who are young at heart, why not treat yourself to some Tangy Lemon Curd(le) spread over a chunky slice of Mediter(brainian) Lemon Cake.

All you need is an active imagination, a sprinkling of spooky and plenty of Ringtons rations.

Have a garishly good Hallowe’en Ringtonians.

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