The Ringtonian – A Trip to India and Ceylon: An Introduction

Having recently returned from a visit to India and Ceylon in company with my youngest son, Malcolm (hereinafter referred to as Mac) I have been asked by several people to give a talk on our experiences and impressions during that visit.
Not being a Public Speak I think the best thing is for me to make use of the “Ringtonian” and to give extracts from the Diary which I diligently kept through the trip, so that those who are interested may read and those not interested may not be bored by listening to a talk.
Mac having recently completed his training in our Sale room and two years in a London Sale Room, we considered it wise for him to see the cultivation and manufacturing side of Tea before taking up a position in the firm as Assistant Buyer.
His brother, Douglas, did the trip about five years ago and I consider the cost was money well spent.
I have had over 53 years in the trade but never had those advantages so I decided to accompany Mac.
I had read many books on Tea cultivation but never visualised the various processes exactly as we found them carried out.
Ceylon is a beautiful country- India is vast and wonderful-400 millions population. The British have done great things for India and a great deal more has to be done. To hand the country over to the agitators for Home Rule would prove a terrible calamity to India. Ceylon has a kind of Home Rule and although it is British capital and British enterprise that has built up the industries of the Island (Tea principally) the Cingalese will buy from anyone in preference to the British. If Britain cut them off entirely they would be annexed by Japan very quickly and it would serve them right too.
Mac having checked these notes and inserted several items which he considered of interest, this should be considered our joint effort.

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