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By Danielle

Photo of taster Danielle
Danielle tastes 2 of our Signature range teas


Strawberries and Cream Infusion

If you read last week’s blog, you’ll know I’m not a fan of hot fruit – in any form. So I was not entirely looking forward to tasting the Strawberry and Cream loose tea from our Signature range, although it does smell divine. As you can see from the photographs, I got a little carried away and ended up making it far too strong. On my second attempt I used 1 flat teaspoon of loose tea and let it brew for around 3 minutes. The result was a pleasant surprise! The real pieces of strawberry burst through, while the hint of elderberries give the drink a little tang. The creamy richness comes from vanilla flavouring and takes away any harsh acidity there might have been.

Set of shots of the tea and the teafuser
Strawberries and Cream Loose Tea in Ringtons famous Teafuser

Still, not being a hot fruit fan, I wasn’t keen on drinking a whole cup. That is until I let it cool and poured it over ice. Wow! The perfect summer drink for me! One I will definitely be stocking up on for those lazy hot days relaxing in the garden.  Which, as another cold and frosty day comes to a close, I am very much looking forward to!

Sweet and creamy. Good at any temperature but especially delicious cold. Why not try cutting up some fruit and adding a paper umbrella. The perfect non-alcoholic summer mocktail!

Bird of Paradise

>It would seem I’m a bit heavy handed! Once again I put far too much of the leaves in. One teaspoon is most definitely enough. Bird of Paradise has a pleasant, almost earthy aroma. It’s a blend of light green and white tea. There are notes of peach, mango and apple which give a refreshing but not overpowering depth. It’s one of those teas you feel healthier just looking at! Both green and white teas are full of antioxidants with many benefits to your health, including reducing stress and increasing energy.

Bird of Paradise tea tasting.
Bird of Paradise tea tasting.


Verdict: A great alternative to black tea. Pleasant and mellow.

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