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Guest post by Edward Mason Guest post by Edward (Ted) Mason (1)For tea lovers, the summer can see a reduction of our favourite drink as the hot weather demands cooler drinks. As September leaks slowly into October, the question is, how do we enjoy the dregs of of the summer and still get our quota of tea? The answer: Iced Tea!! A life-saver for tea fiends on a sultry Indian summers day, promising to carry the delicate taste tea brings with a refreshing kick.

Breakfast Iced Tea:

Rington’s Earl Grey Tea, marmalade… and gin: surprisingly, a match made in heaven. This unlikely combination works, with the fragrant earl grey sweetened slightly with the marmalade and the gin giving an unexpected edge. This recipe is sure to be a show stopper at any Summer bbq.

Breakfast Iced Tea


30ml gin

15ml orange liquor (eg cointreau)

60ml cooled earl grey tea

Juice of half a lemon

A generous teaspoon of marmalade

To garnish: Orange slice


1.First make the tea, allow to brew, remove the tea bag and allow to cool (if you are in a hurry then add some ice)

2.In a boston shaker add all other ingredients. And shake vigorously for around 15-20 seconds ensuring the marmalade is dissolved amongst other ingredients.

3.Pour into a tall cooled glass filled with ice. Garnish with an orange segment and enjoy!

Breakfast Iced Tea

Assam & apple iced tea:

 This fruity take on an iced tea is simple and hard to go wrong with. Ingredients are easily adjusted to personal preference.

Assam & Apple Iced Tea


100ml cooled assam tea

100ml apple juice

Juice of half a lemon

3 drops of angostura bitters.

1 tsp sugar

To garnish: Apple slice



 1: Brew the tea, add a tsp of sugar, strain and leave to cool.

2:Once cooled add all ingredients to  a Boston shaker and shake for 15-20 seconds.

3:Pour into a tall glass filled with ice & garnish with an apple slice

Notes: Level of sweetness can be varied to personal taste, just add more or less according to preference.

Assam & Apple Iced Tea

Emma Bradshwaw writes her own blog at https://highspiritscocktails.wordpress.com. Follow her on instagram @emmabradshaw89

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