Death of King George Image 28/01/2013
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28th January, 1936

A largely attended Memorial service for the late King George. Held in the 2nd Class dining hall. There must have been four hundred people present. A most impressive ceremony. At 4:50pm all ex-servicemen assembled on deck wearing their medals and at 5pm (or 1 o’clock English time) everybody stood to attention, for a two-minutes’ silence. The ceremony ended with the sounding of the Last Post.

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25th January, 1936

Packed and luggage all away by nine o’clock. Left for ship s.s “Carthage”, at 11:30am and in our cabin “Lala”, our bearer, performs a touching little ceremony when he presents Mac and I with a red rose each and places a rope of beautiful flowers round our necks, the custom of Indian in welcoming or bidding goodbye to their friends. Edward Rose – Beriff and Lala left a quarter of an hour before the ship sailed. In the opinion of Englishmen in Bombay the finest sight in the world is... Read More

Rawal Pindi Ship image 23/01/2013
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23rd January, 1936

The “Rawal Pindi” arrived in dock this afternoon and we went down to see the passengers disembark. Very interesting to see passengers of all nationalities and in varied costumes. Called to see Edward Rose of the Atlas Insurance Co. Knew him as a little boy when he lived at Coquet Terrace, Heaton.

bombay-india-museum 22/01/2013
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22nd January, 1936

A drive round various parts of the city, visiting the Victoria Gardens in which there are a Zoo and Museum. The gardens are well kept and visited by the natives in large numbers. We also went through the various markets and bazaars and found many shops closed out of respect to the late King Emperor. Called again and the burning ghats and saw three bodies burning and saw the religious ceremony in progress. On our return to the hotel we passed about twenty barbers carrying on their business on the... Read More

Elephanta Island Caves Image 21/01/2013
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21st January, 1936

Left by launch at 9am for Elephanta Island, seven miles across the bay. Got news that there was little hope for the King and our return saw the flags flying at half mast. This was at 12:30pm, or 7am English time, and on landing we saw placards with the words “The King Emperor Dead”. It gave one a queer sensation. All business came to a standstill and even the barber’s shop in the hotel was closed. There are caves on Elephanta Island after the style of those at Ajanta but... Read More