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HHappy Easter from Ringtons 16/04/2014

Easter Already?

How can it be Easter already? It seems like just yesterday we were heralding the start of a new year. Now we’re all used to writing 2014 on things and planning our summer holidays. A whiff of warm weather gets us all terribly excited and the colour is coming back to the world; trees and grass showing off their shades of green. So it is with pleasure that we ditch the endless cups of Kenyan Gold and start introducing some Springton Blends! href=”http://www.ringtons.co.uk/tea-c1/loose-tea-c4#t64″>fruit teas with a hint of spring about... Read More

Large Algernon Gift Box 24/03/2014

‘You only get one Mam…’

>Mother’s Day is fast approaching and with that in mind, Commercial Trainee Andrew tells us what his mother means to him. A mother is the truest friend you will ever have and I know if I have any trouble or big decisions I have to make, she will always be the first person I turn to for advice, usually over a cup of tea (Extra Fresh if you’re asking) and she is always right… no matter what the subject. I can’t even begin to tell you the influence my mother... Read More

The Montys 27/01/2014

Award Season has arrived.

Red carpet season is well and truly under way, with every film, tv and music star at the ready, tissues in hand, speech rehearsed to look like it’s not rehearsed. So here at Ringtons HQ, we dedcided to jump into the spirit of Awards Season with our very own version of the Oscars. >We give you…….(drum roll)……THE MONTYS! Named after the horse that appears in our logo – a long serving and original member of the Ringtons team – the awards celebrate the products loved most by you, the Ringtonians.... Read More

The new 1907 mug - part of the 1907 Heritage Range 07/08/2013

Introducing the 1907 Heritage Range

You told us that you would like to see more collectable Ringtons items available all year round. So we are very proud to introduce our new “1907” range which is a celebration of Ringtons rich heritage and traditions – featuring the original Ringtons RT crest, our well-loved horse and cart and the famous Ringtons building on Algernon Road in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The first piece in the collection is this stunning fine bone china beaker which was designed, made and decorated exclusively in the UK. It’s also trimmed with 22... Read More

English Flag 18/04/2013


April 23rd is St George’s Day and here at Ringtons we’re going to be celebrating. The legend of St George dates back to the 10th Century and is thought to have been brought back with the Crusaders and retold. The narrative tells of a knight (St George), who saved a princess from the jaws of an evil dragon. Traditionally, the sword] with which St. George slew the dragon was called Ascalon, a name recalling the city of Ashkelon, Israel. From this tradition, the name Ascalon was used by Winston Churchill... Read More

China Yellow Buds Tea in Cup Image 26/03/2013

China Yellow Buds

This is a very rare tea from Yunnan comprising only delicate golden buds. It is produced in Mannong, on Hekai Mountain, one of the world’s most ancient tea cultivation areas. Initially processed similarly to a green tea, a second oxidation stage is added, during which time the golden colour and sweet flavours develop. This tea is always made in small quantities because it is so difficult to produce and rarely available. This tea is pale and mellow, with a sweet flavour that has hints of apricot and pear. According to... Read More