Samuel Smith

Sajan Niwas Grdens Image 16/01/2013
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16th January, 1936

A drive through Sajan Niwas gardens and visit the Museum, Zoo and Jail. The governor of the jail was a fine type of man who spoke English well and seemed to be of a kind disposition. He had 599 prisoners, including 129 life prisoners. There were 30 women in the Jail, among them being several life prisoners. The life prisoners were distinguished by wearing red clothing and red caps. One political prisoner’s rations cost ten times as much as those of the other prisoners. They were all fettered from the... Read More

Jagdish-Temple Image 15/01/2013
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15th January, 1936

A drive through the city to the Jagdish Temple, old and new palaces, the Royal Stables and Coach House, and the Gangore Ghat. Here were women cleaning their brass containers and then filling them water. They filtered the water by simply pouring it through a dirty rag into the vessel. They used a dirty rag as a pad for their heads and then carried two large brass containers on top – one above the other and each filled with water. To see the women lift a large brass vase filled... Read More

Udaipur-Garden-of-Maids-1 Image 14/01/2013
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14th January, 1936

A drive to the Slave Girls’ garden – fine fountain effects round the Pool and gardens used on festivals. Udaipur is India as it was hundreds of years ago. The main street is narrow and the buildings are ramshackle. Very dusty and natives, cows and dogs crowd the streets make it difficult for us to force a passage. So far totally different from Jaipur.

Jaipur-AlbertHall Image 13/01/2013
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13th January, 1936

A drive to the Ram Newas gardens and Albert Hall, another marble palace used as a museum, and then to the Zoo. All are in the gardens which are well kept. Then through the streets and vegetable market back to the hotel. The vegetable market made a nice picture with the crowds of natives all in brightly coloured garments. Took 6:50pm train to Udaipur and rested in a four wheeled sleeping car. The rattling and jolting was terrible but we managed to get some sleep before we arrived at 11am... Read More

deserted city of Amber, India Image 12/01/2013
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12th January, 1936

By motor and elephant to the deserted city of Amber, 6 miles north of the new city – a fortress containing a wonderful palace and Hindu temple and surrounded by a wall climbing up the hills with look-out towers at intervals. Some of the rooms are still magnificent with marble carvings and mica decoratins although deserted over 200 years ago. It is said that the Ruler, Emperor Sawai Jai Singh II, visited Constantinople and saw a city on the level with long broad streets running parallel with each other. On... Read More

Galwar bagh Monkey Temple image 11/01/2013
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11th January. 1936

Arrived Jaipur in time for breakfast. Drove round the town along wide streets and good roads. All the buildings are coloured a light pink shade – the law enforces it. Passed the Palace of the Winds to the curio shops where we saw brass engraving and enameling and also carpet making. All hand-work – very slow but wonderful results. We have to buy samples of native art at almost every town we call. After lunch we drove by motor to the foot of the Gulta Pass and then made the... Read More