Samuel Smith

bombay-india-museum 22/01/2013
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22nd January, 1936

A drive round various parts of the city, visiting the Victoria Gardens in which there are a Zoo and Museum. The gardens are well kept and visited by the natives in large numbers. We also went through the various markets and bazaars and found many shops closed out of respect to the late King Emperor. Called again and the burning ghats and saw three bodies burning and saw the religious ceremony in progress. On our return to the hotel we passed about twenty barbers carrying on their business on the... Read More

Elephanta Island Caves Image 21/01/2013
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21st January, 1936

Left by launch at 9am for Elephanta Island, seven miles across the bay. Got news that there was little hope for the King and our return saw the flags flying at half mast. This was at 12:30pm, or 7am English time, and on landing we saw placards with the words “The King Emperor Dead”. It gave one a queer sensation. All business came to a standstill and even the barber’s shop in the hotel was closed. There are caves on Elephanta Island after the style of those at Ajanta but... Read More

breach kandy image 20/01/2013
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20th January, 1936

Went with Mac to Breach Kandy – a fine swimming place – one bath under cover and one in the open air with fine gardens surrounding it. Spent a restful two hours watching the swimming and in the afternoon drove to the Towers of Silence, where the Parsees take their dead to be devoured by vultures. We saw the Towers from a distance, owing to the danger of infection, but a model was explained by a guide. They consist of a circular tower, inside which are fixed three grid-like circles,... Read More

bombay skyline image 19/01/2013
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19th January, 1936

Arrived Bombay 7:05am – a distance of 425 miles. The last of our night journeys in the train and we are now at the Taj Mahal Hotel in heat and civilisation once more. Spent the day resting, bathing and changing into lighter clothing.

Gem Lake, IndiaIMAGE 18/01/2013
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18th January, 1936

A rickshaw drive round the Gem lake, Mount Abu and through the bazaars which are the cleanest and neatest we have seen in India. Mount Abu is very hilly and rocky and we got some splendid views going round the Lake. Afterwards we drove to the famous Dilwara Temples by rickshaw – 3 men to each. One can hardly describe these temples after seeing so much carving in marble and stone during our tour. There are two Jain Temples of white marble and there are two more temples but they... Read More

mount-abu image 17/01/2013
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17th January, 1936

Arrived at  Abu Road station and transferred to a motor car for a drive 18 miles up the mountain side rising to an elevation of 4,500 feet. The road was wider and better than in Ceylon and up to Darjeeling and, although there was a tremendous drop on one side we did not get the thrills previously encountered. The scenery was beautiful. The Rajputana Hotel, although good, did not just meet our requirements. The sanitary and bathing arrangements were primitive and a big log fire in our bedrooms made our... Read More