Guest post by Ashley Winter Pic 21/09/2015

The Great North Tea

Last week The Great North Run took place just down the road from Tea and Coffee Company Ringtons. The roads of Newcastle Upon Tyne and the nearby towns of Gateshead and South Shields were transformed as thousands took to the streets to run, jog and walk 13.1 miles, many for charitable causes. Ringtons have recently teamed up with athlete Ash Winter to support him in his bid to claim a spot on the Paralympic Ski team for the Winter 2018 games in South Korea. Ashley suffers from an eye disease called keratoconus... Read More


Tea for the Glasses

  For tea lovers, the summer can see a reduction of our favourite drink as the hot weather demands cooler drinks. As September leaks slowly into October, the question is, how do we enjoy the dregs of of the summer and still get our quota of tea? The answer: Iced Tea!! A life-saver for tea fiends on a sultry Indian summers day, promising to carry the delicate taste tea brings with a refreshing kick. Breakfast Iced Tea: Rington’s Earl Grey Tea, marmalade… and gin: surprisingly, a match made in heaven. This... Read More

Green Tea Mojito and Proper tea Bourbon 31/08/2015

Summer Cocktails with a Ringtons Twist

British Summertime is a glorious thing, but be it at the BBQ, or on a picnic, drinks can be a minefield of overly sweet ciders and warm tasteless beers. It’s too warm for red wine, the white wine is never cold enough — it’s time for the best cocktails to come out and shine. Step up your cocktail game this year and ditch the basic Pimms cup – guaranteed to be full of soggy fruit, and try one of these easy to make tea-based cocktails.  Apart from the odd absolutely... Read More


10 Reasons to Watch Wimbledon at Home

You know it’s truly summer when Wimbledon hits our screens and airwaves. Not everyone has the luxury of watching it live on court however, but we think it’s better watched from the comfort of your own home. And here’s why. 10 REASONS TO WATCH WIMBLEDON AT HOME The Weather. Always unpredictable. It’s super exciting if it’s really hot and the players are sweating buckets. You pity them as their hair becomes soggier and their faces redder. Rain however can stop play and if you’re there at the event, unless Cliff... Read More

Cups 04/06/2015

The Perfect Cuppa

What Makes the Perfect Cuppa? At Ringtons, we believe the perfect cuppa is as individual as you are. That means that the perfect cuppa is just how YOU like it, so don’t let anyone else tell you any different! There are, however, a few pointers we can give you to make sure you find your tea perfection. So, here are our top six tips for the perfect cuppa! 6 Tips for the Perfect Cup of Tea 1. The Foundation Choose your teabag wisely. The quality of tea can degrade rapidly... Read More

Ringtons Arrives in Weymouth 01/06/2015

Ringtons Arrives in Beautiful Weymouth

The streets of Exmouth will be taking a step back in time this month as the 8th Velo Vintage cycle ride takes place.  Supported by Ringtons, the large gathering of cyclists will don their finest vintage ware, hop on their bikes and have a jolly good time enjoying a leisurely cycle and a spot of afternoon tea, at this unique event! Launched by cycling enthusiasts in 2007 Velo Vintage has become an essential event for both vintage and cycling enthusiasts alike with groups of like-minded people getting together to enjoy... Read More