Mwa ha ha Marshmallows 21/10/2015

Mwa ha ha Mallows

The kids will love these gooey, mallow, crispy delights to make, eat and enjoy! Ingredients 45g butter 180g rice krispies 300g mini marshmallows Decorating: Edible spray shimmer Icing pens – various colours Melt the butter in a pan Add the mini marshmallows to the melted butter and melt until completely blended with the butter – stirring the mixture constantly. As soon as melted, take the pan off the heat and add the crispy cereal, mix well, ensuring the cereal has a generous coating of the mallowy mixture. Press the mixture... Read More


Top 10 Products for Winter Hibernation

With winter slowly approaching now is the time to get your cupboards stocked with your favourite Ringtons products. If you are anything like the Ringtons team, once the weather gets a bit more chilly it’s time to stock up on tea, coffee and biscuits to get ready for hibernation. To ensure your cupboards are full and you’re prepped for whatever the winter has in store, we’ve pulled together 10 of our must have Ringtons goodies that will see you through till the Spring. Traditional Tea Bags: An essential! Having a... Read More


12 Points to Make Your Mornings Perkier

Summer seems to have zipped by in the blink of an eye. Sunny days are sporadic and cooling down. Mornings are murky, nights darker and colder and the green is seeping out of the landscape to be replaced with russets and ochres and burnt embers. All of this makes it incredibly difficult to hoist yourself out of bed on a morning. So how can you begin to love the first hours of your day? Read on for our 12 pointers to make your mornings perkier.   Don’t make decisions We’re... Read More

Bird of Paradise Tea Jelly 30/09/2015

I Don’t Think You’re Ready For This Jelly…

‘Birds Of Paradise’ Tea Jelly If you’re ever requiring a light, healthy pudding that you can make with minimal effort, this has to be in the running! ‘Bird of Paradise’ tea has a delicate flavour, with lots of tropical fruit flavours going on too, which makes it perfect to flavour jelly with. To serve they’re piled high with tropical fruits and lime juice, making it a really refreshing way to end a meal. I’ve used Clearspring agar flakes to make this recipe suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but if you... Read More


Japan Welcomes Ringtons Tea

  Japanese tea ceremonies are also known as The Way of Tea and are well celebrated as one of the country’s most famous traditions.  While Japanese tea ceremonies feature green tea and elegant ceremonial presentation, it seems the British way of serving black tea from a teapot with milk is just as intriguing to the Japanese as their traditional tea ceremony is to us. Interest in British tea in Japan is so high in fact, that we have been invited to take part in a very exciting British Fair in... Read More

Guest post by Edward (Ted) Mason 28/09/2015

Bet You Haven’t “Bean” There & Done This

Barbeque-Style Paprika Coffee Baked Beans  It might surprise you to hear that coffee doesn’t just belong in your mug to rouse you from slumber every weekday morning. Coffee actually can be great in food too! This recipe has a slightly camp-fire, ‘Americana’ feel to it, and is perfectly suited to being a great breakfast alternative in the morning, alongside your cooked breakfast, or piled high on a piece of toast! Using smoked paprika really transforms the flavour, and takes it a million miles away from any baked beans you might... Read More