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Raising a winning cup to Ringtons

Raising a winning cup to Ringtons

Having launched brand new Ringtons offices, grown every division of our business and started a huge renovation at our Tyneside factory (where all of our tea is made) 2015 was certainly a busy year for us at Ringtons!  Just when we thought it couldn’t get […]

Looking ahead to 2016 with Ringtons

Looking ahead to 2016 with Ringtons

Can you believe it? 2016. Time to stop reflecting on the year gone by and start looking ahead to new products, new events and new offers. January First up we have our twin pack of 100% Egyptian cotton tea towels. Soft and absorbent and an […]

5 Ways to Beat the January Blues

5 Ways to Beat the January Blues

5 Ways to Beat the January BluesGetting back into the swing of things after the festive season can be a tough time. So here are some ideas to help ease your way back into the New Year.


  1. It’s Normal.

Resolution list pic

It’s perfectly normal if you feel down at this time of year and it’s not all in your head.

Biologically, there are reasons we feel low and lethargic. Lack of daylight, not enough nutrients and less exercise normally coincides with Christmas and this all affects our bodies. Yet we put so much pressure on ourselves at this time of year. Resolutions are set, diets are started, and gyms are overrun with newbies. So what happens when these resolutions fall by the wayside? We feel like failures and berate ourselves. But there’s really no need. It’s normal to feel down and the time will pass, the days will get longer and lighter and your body will respondto that change. So cut yourself some slack.

  1. Get as much daylight as you can. 

Foggy Daylight Pic

This is a difficult task when the weather is cold, grey and wet, but every chance you get, grab the daylight. Daylight helps regulate our circadian rhythms. These rhythms are responsible for helping to control food digestion, appetite, energy levels, sleep quality and length and mood. So without enough daylight, these functions can suffer.

  1. Give your worries a name

Write your worries down picIf you’re worrying about something (or things) in particular, try writing them down. It can help you to look at an issue more logically and work out a solution if there’s one to be had. Or, it can simply help you to gain perspective of a situation.


  1. Try Something New.Try Something New Pic

Slipping back into a routine can be difficult, especially if that routine involves things you don’t particularly want to be doing. Not in love with your job? Hate the morning commute? While there are things you might not be able to change straight away, learning a new skill or adding something different into the mix will give you some control over the daily slog. There are lots of free courses available online or you can search for a class near you. It will also increase your confidence, making any further change that little bit easier.

  1. Eat Right.

We are what we eat. Over Christmas, foods higher in fat and calories tend to become the norm. Chocolate for breakfast, takeaways, puddings and never ending tubs of sweets. Eating these types of food regularly make us sluggish and as a result we crave more sugary, high fat foods. It’s a vicious circle. But one that you can break. Cut back on the processed foods and treats and try replacing the sugary drinks with water or fruit teas and you’ll feel the difference almost immediately.

Eat Well Picture

A Day in the Life of……..

A Day in the Life of……..

Written by Lisa Turnbull, Customer Care Manager. Many people think that because Ringtons is a national company, they must have a large call centre. In actual fact the Customer Care team is very small and based at our Head Office in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We’re […]

Chocolate Orange Fudge Brownies

Chocolate Orange Fudge Brownies

For me, chocolate orange has always been a festive flavour. I love the richness of the chocolate with the festive spice of the orange. Here is an easy recipe to bring the flavours to life, so grab a cup of tea, coffee (or a Christmas […]

Top 5 Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

Top 5 Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

Guest post from Jeff Lyall

Have you ever uttered one of these immortal lines? “How long do I cook the turkey for?”, “Do we have enough chairs to seat everyone?”, “Have I done all of the shopping?”

Cooking at Christmas time can be stressful but luckily, Ringtons have some great treats to help you enjoy a more relaxed festive break this year.


Download our list of 30 Things to do before Christmas and make sure nothing is left to chance. You don’t want to have to send someone out on Christmas Day searching for milk.


Having a constant supply of biscuits and chocolates to dip into once an hour is absolutely paramount to enjoying a relaxed and indulgent festive season. Make sure to buy quality biscuits, and lots of them! Ringtons Classic Biscuit Hamper includes their famous Gold Taste award-winning Hand Baked Ginger Snaps and is sure to have something for everyone.

Ringtons Classic Biscuit Hamper


When it comes to the cheese board, most people remember to buy a smorgasbord of cheeses, hard, soft, and blue from Britain and beyond, but it’s the accompaniments which really lift your cheeses.

Containing three preserves, Ringtons Savoury Selection will spice up your cheese board and biscuits, and make it a these board which will be talked about next year and beyond! The selections sell out fast, so don’t delay if you wish to try them out this year.

The incredibly popular Savoury Selection


After the seventh glass of wine, and by the time the port comes out, heads can become slightly sore and hazy, so it’s important to hydrate with something else — tea, of course! And for Christmas, make sure you’ve got the very best. Ringtons Ultimate Tea Lovers Selection Box should help see you through the day itself and into 2016! With a selection of some of our most popular teas, you can drink according to your mood.

Ringtons Ultimate Tea Lover’s Gift Box

And finally…

There’s always one. That pesky person who is so difficult to buy for it drives you crazy. If that sounds familiar or if you need a last minute gift, and can’t make up your mind from Ringtons’ handy Christmas guide, a Ringtons gift voucher to the value of your choosing would be welcome in anyone’s stocking.

For someone who’s been really good this year, Santa could always deliver the ultimate in Ringtons luxury. The gold gift box contains a selection of the very best Ringtons products for your truly loved one.

Ringtons Luxury Gold Gift Box

Have a wonderful and stress-free Christmas!

Find Jeff on Twitter and his blog Newcastle Eats.