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Ringtons Recipes: Coffee & Walnut Flapjacks

Combining our love of coffee with our love of sweet treats, we have created a mouth-watering recipe for Coffee and Walnut Flapjacks. We have jazzed up your average flapjack and made it extra delicious by adding in our brand new Constellation Coffee range. If you have been inspired to take to the kitchen and whip up a batch of your own Coffee and Walnut Flapjacks make sure to share your photos with us on social media and tag @Ringtons   Makes: 12 flapjacks   Ingredients: For the flapjacks: 280g unsalted... Read More

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Top tips for the perfect coffee

Recently, we spent time with La Cimbali at the London coffee festival. Our go-to whole bean and fresh milk machine supplier. La Cimbali have just launched the M26 – a brand new traditional espresso machine that not only looks good but performs like a dream. We spoke to the team about the secrets of making the perfect coffee and here are the results: THE GRINDER Invest in a great quality and reliable espresso grinder such as La Cimbali’s new Elective Grinder available with or without auto tamp feature. The grinder... Read More

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In conversation with… Danny

What got you into coffee? Years in the hospitality trade focusing on beverages and flavour profiling whilst living on a diet of espresso. It was only natural that at some point I headed into the trade itself.   Favourite Ringtons coffee? Colombian bean, it’s smooth and fruity whilst retaining richness and a subtle sweetness.   What’s your go-to brewing method? In the morning I love a pour over (V60) espresso. A flat white will forever be my go-to milk drink.   What are your top five tips for baristas?   Invest... Read More

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A good cup of coffee on a Saturday morning is just the ticket, and when it’s Ringtons coffee, it’s even better! Wondering where to try out? Our Business Development Managers recommend some of their go-to places this Saturday.   David, Scotland: Eden Court, Inverness Eden court is an inspiring setting. The venue is located on the beautiful Ness riverside and there’s certainly plenty to do and enjoy. A weekend afternoon movie coupled with a cup of Ringtons coffee, is my idea of a good Saturday! Find out more: https://eden-court.co.uk/ Eden Court, Bishop’s Road,... Read More