Iced Teas 24/08/2015

Summer Cocktails with a Tea Twist

Summer has arrived, and in traditional British fashion the sunshine is nowhere to be seen! But don’t let a little rain dampen your spirits. These cocktails are so easy to make, and will hopefully brighten up your weekends! The first, “Milk & Two Sugars” is a playful, British take on Piña Colada using fruity and tangy ‘Signature Strawberries & Cream’ infusion tea. The other is a floral and refreshing Chamomile & Lemon Cooler using ‘Signature Chamomile’ buds. We’ll hope you love them as much as we do!   “Milk & Two... Read More

St George’s Day Menu

Poor old St George. He doesn’t get as much celebration as St Patrick or even May Day. We thought he deserved a bit more recognition this year, so with the help of our best friend, the internet, we’ve put together a Tea inspired menu that will definitely impress your nearest and dearest. Each recipe uses tea that can be sourced from Ringtons to add a new and excitingly different edge to some delicious courses. Here’s a quick list of the tea’s you’ll need: Rooibos Loose Tea Mint Marrakesh Loose Tea... Read More