Eat Well Picture 11/01/2016

5 Ways to Beat the January Blues

Getting back into the swing of things after the festive season can be a tough time. So here are some ideas to help ease your way back into the New Year.   It’s Normal. It’s perfectly normal if you feel down at this time of year and it’s not all in your head. Biologically, there are reasons we feel low and lethargic. Lack of daylight, not enough nutrients and less exercise normally coincides with Christmas and this all affects our bodies. Yet we put so much pressure on ourselves at... Read More


Meet the Team!

Happy New Year Ringtonians! Welcome to 2014. We’re sure this is going to be a fantastic year for us here at Ringtons and we hope it is for you too. As many of you will know, the Ringtons online shop has only been in operation for a few short years and has been mostly reactive to our current customers needs. We’re pleased to say that we’ve brought together a new team and their sole job is to make the website the best it can be. That means making it easier... Read More