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With winter slowly approaching now is the time to get your cupboards stocked with your favourite Ringtons products. If you are anything like the Ringtons team, once the weather gets a bit more chilly it’s time to stock up on tea, coffee and biscuits to get ready for hibernation.

To ensure your cupboards are full and you’re prepped for whatever the winter has in store, we’ve pulled together 10 of our must have Ringtons goodies that will see you through till the Spring.Traditional Tea Bags

  1. Traditional Tea Bags:

An essential! Having a refreshing tea suitable for whatever time of the day. From the “Original Blends” family this Ringtons traditional blend contains some of the best teas from around the world and is an absolute must have for the cold nights.

  1. Triple Chocolate Cookies:Triple Chocolate Cookies

Packed with chunky chocolate chips and smothered in a thick layer of chocolate these Ringtons triple chocolate cookies go perfect with any hot beverage and should be a vital part of your collection. You might want a few packets of these, they will go quickly!

  1. Instant Coffee:Dark Roast Ground Coffee

If you are a coffee fan you can’t go wrong with stocking up on a nice instant coffee.  A great way to warm yourself up and refresh after a long day. The choice for us is our Ringtons premium gold coffee made from the finest Arabica beans giving a beautifully smooth, rich flavour.Syrups

  1. Coffee Syrup:

For that added boost to give your coffee a bit ooomph! Coffee syrup is a great way to add extra depth and sweetness to any kind of coffee. With a range of  flavours, you’ll be sure to find something to suit your tastes. Otherwise experiment with white chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut and many more. A great choice for the upcoming festive period.

  1. Hot Chocolate:Creamy Hot Chocolate

There is no better feeling than hibernating in a duvet fort with a hot chocolate when it’s cold out. Our Ringtons luxury instant hot chocolate gives a deliciously smooth drink that can be made with water, or have a go at using hot milk for extra creaminess.


  1. MarshmallowsMarshmallows

Love marshmallows? These heart shaped marshmallows are a great choice for sprinkling on your hot chocolate to make it that little bit more special. Let the marshmallows sink into your hot chocolate and enjoy as you sink into your sofa.


  1. Shortbread:Shortbread Biscuits

At Ringtons we have spent many a winter devouring shortbread and we are sure we’re not alone! A box of our Ringtons classic all butter, hand-made shortbread in your cupboard is never a bad idea and are perfect for the festive period. With our assortment boxes, you can even share the joy as they make great gifts for your loved ones!


  1. Hand Baked Ginger SnapsGinger Snaps:

It would be rude to not have ginger snaps as part of your collection this winter. Our traditional Ringtons ginger snaps from the classic range feature a crunchy texture that are particularly moreish when mixed with a traditional cuppa.



  1. Biscuit Hamper:Biscuit Hamper

Maybe a one for yourself or a great as a gift. This Ringtons classic biscuit hamper contains a selection of our most famous biscuits and some extra fresh tea bags just in case you need any spares!


  1. Dark Roast Ground CoffeeGround/Coffee Beans:

Want a bit more of a sophisticated flavour? Try our freshly ground beans in a cafetiere, plunge and enjoy!. Our personal favourite is our Ringtons Dark Roast which is a blend of roast arabica and robusta coffee beans that give a strong, full bodied flavour. For those who prefer pre-ground coffee, little else beats our Ringtons traditional blend coffee ready for your filter.

So what will you be enjoying this winter? Share your winter favourites with us on Twitter @Ringtons or Facebook.




Double, double toil and trouble;

    Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

It’s that time again. The air begins to smell like burning embers, our breath frosty as we step outside. The nights grow darker and hibernation plays on our mind. An eerie kind of stillness descends as tales of hauntings and spooky sightings come our way.

So how best to make sure you stay away from the chaos and create your own safe Hallowe’en haven?

If you have children to keep amused, why not try the following;

Chocolate Brazil Nut Biscuits, otherwise known on Hallowe’en as Wolf teeth wrapped in chocolate flavoured mud. Or how about a bubbling cup of cauldron soup (Hot Chocolate) with Dragon claws (Chocolate Brazils). Our Biscuit Hamper (or haunted house) comes with a stack of our favourites to keep anyone quiet.

And for those who are young at heart, why not treat yourself to some Tangy Lemon Curd(le) spread over a chunky slice of Mediter(brainian) Lemon Cake.

All you need is an active imagination, a sprinkling of spooky and plenty of Ringtons rations.

Have a garishly good Hallowe’en Ringtonians.