Sweet-Tin- 04/11/2013


The Christmas preparation is well and truly underway. Presents are being sought out, lists are being made and the weather is certainly making us want to stay indoors to enjoy some winter warmers. So here are our top tips for keeping you and your loved ones fed and watered in true Ringtons style this November. Start the day with our Whisky Orange Marmalade spread over hot toast. At just £1.55 this will perk you up with your morning cuppa. After lunch, treat yourself to something sweet. Our brightly coloured Sweet... Read More

Blackcurrant Tea 22/07/2013

A Summer Tea Party

Who knows how long this gorgeous summer weather will last, so let’s make the most of it. BBQ’s are rife at the moment. Every evening I smell the charcoal burning around the streets of my town. But my personal favourite way to eat “al fresco” is a Tea Party. Easy to prepare, full of yummy treats and a wonderful way to enjoy a summer’s day. Here are my tips on how to throw the perfect summer Tea Party. Step back in time and send out real invitations. A text may... Read More


A New Look

You’re at the heart of everything we do, and what you think of our products and service is of the upmost importance to us. So, we invited a handful of customers to have a chat about our packaging and the range of products we offer. Traditional, friendly and nostalgic were all words used to describe our packaging, which is great! However, many said it was perhaps a little old fashioned and in need of an update. We passionately believe Ringtons tea to be the best – pure and strong but... Read More

Samuel Smith 17/02/2013
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17th February, 1936

Warmer and smooth sea, all very quiet aboard ship – very few attended Divine Service – Governor of Malta very ill. Called at Plymouth where a good many more passengers left and then to Woolwich. Arrived safely at 6am on February 14th. Arrived Newcastle on Monday, the 17th Feb and on Tuesday and Wednesday attended the office and cleared off some of the work that had accumulated in my absence. On Wednesday night I did not feel well so went to bed and called in the doctor – I had... Read More

pyramids 02/02/2013
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2nd February, 1936

Left ship on tug off Suez. Motor cars awaited us. A drive of 80 miles through Suez and the desert to Cairo. Coffee at Shepheards and then to the museum where the treasures of King Tutankhamen are stored. The usual visit to the Bazaars where the Dragomen keep a sharp eye on what tourists spend. They no doubt call for their commission later on. Then to Shepheards for lunch after which we motored to the Pyramids where camels, horses and two-seater conveyances awaited us to take us over the rough... Read More

Gulf_of_Aden_map 29/01/2013
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29th January, 1936

Landed at Aden. Visited the Tanks, built about 2500 years ago to conserve water – when there is any to conserve. When we saw them they had been empty since 1928. Drove past the Salt Works through the Arab village and to the shopping centre, then back to the ship. The ship rolls a good bit but it is very fine and hot. Nothing much doing and time hangs.