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The Ringtonian – A Trip to India and Ceylon: An Introduction

Having recently returned from a visit to India and Ceylon in company with my youngest son, Malcolm (hereinafter referred to as Mac) I have been asked by several people to give a talk on our experiences and impressions during that visit. Not being a Public Speak I think the best thing is for me to make use of the “Ringtonian” and to give extracts from the Diary which I diligently kept through the trip, so that those who are interested may read and those not interested may not be bored... Read More

The Ringtonian 1936 24/10/2012
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A Journey from Long Ago……

Hello Ringtonians! While delving through our archives the other day we came across a fascinating booklet from 1935 / 36. The book was a  very special edition of “The Ringtonian” and came about after our founding father, Mr Samuel Smith took a journey to India and Ceylon. He was asked to give public talks and appearances afterwards to talk about his experiences and impressions during the visit. Not being a public speaker, he instead gave extracts of his own personal diary which he diligently kept throughout the trip. Over the next... Read More