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Small ways to start making a difference…

It’s #worldenvironmentday and we’ve been chatting to some of the businesses we work with about ways to reduce, recycle and be a bit more considerate to our planet – and you had some great ideas, hints and tips! Here’s a couple: 1: Store correctly By storing tea and coffee correctly you can keep your ingredients fresher for longer, avoiding unnecessary waste. Once opened, store your tea and coffee in an airtight container to keep it as fresh as possible. Keep your tea and coffee away from heat, storing it in... Read More

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Top tips for the perfect coffee

Recently, we spent time with La Cimbali at the London coffee festival. Our go-to whole bean and fresh milk machine supplier. La Cimbali have just launched the M26 – a brand new traditional espresso machine that not only looks good but performs like a dream. We spoke to the team about the secrets of making the perfect coffee and here are the results: THE GRINDER Invest in a great quality and reliable espresso grinder such as La Cimbali’s new Elective Grinder available with or without auto tamp feature. The grinder... Read More


Raising a winning cup to Ringtons

Having launched brand new Ringtons offices, grown every division of our business and started a huge renovation at our Tyneside factory (where all of our tea is made) 2015 was certainly a busy year for us at Ringtons!  Just when we thought it couldn’t get much better, at the end of the year we were lucky enough to be nominated as Business of the Year 2015 by one of our favourite local magazines, Living North. After being honoured by a public nomination to make the shortlist, we were up against... Read More


Top 5 Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

Have you ever uttered one of these immortal lines? “How long do I cook the turkey for?”, “Do we have enough chairs to seat everyone?”, “Have I done all of the shopping?” Cooking at Christmas time can be stressful but luckily, Ringtons have some great treats to help you enjoy a more relaxed festive break this year. Plan Download our list of 30 Things to do before Christmas and make sure nothing is left to chance. You don’t want to have to send someone out on Christmas Day searching for... Read More


The Lazy Persons Guide to a Boxing Day Buffet

It’s almost that time again, to start planning for visitors, dinner parties, lunches, afternoon tea and more. Whatever your chosen entertainment we all know that cooking and entertaining can become stressful. Here at Ringtons and Monkeyfeet HQ We have a rule throughout December: RELAX, HAVE FUN, NO STRESS! Sometimes much easier said than done, especially when you want to entertain the whole family –  ALL 23 of them at once in my case! Given that our rule is total relaxation on Christmas Day, we close the doors and stay in... Read More


12 Ways to get into the Christmas Spirit

Struggling to get in the Christmas spirit? Here are twelve ways to feel fun and festive in the run up to the big day. 1. Watch your favourite Christmas movies – You might even get to see that heart-warming TV department store advert during the breaks too! Have you seen ours?  2. Count down the days – Make an advent calendar to give yourself a special treat each day. It could be a chocolate, a beer, or your favourite Ringtons biscuit. 3. Bake – Fill the house with merry smells... Read More