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La Cimbali 13/06/2019
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Recently, we partnered with our friends La Cimbali at the European Coffee Expo supplying them with an exclusive coffee to serve at the show. We managed to grab five minutes and chat shop with Dan to find out about what’s next for La Cimbali and how baristas can come into their own.   You’ve got 50 words to describe La Cimbali, go. La Cimbali is a family owned and managed business with a brand heritage that dates back over 100 years. There’s incredible knowledge within the team that fuels a... Read More

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Tips for a healthy, clean machine

Trust us, one of the secrets to making a great cup of coffee is a clean machine. It makes a huge difference to the taste of your coffee and taking the time to care for your machine will preserve its life and reduce breakdowns. Not only this, but consumers have high expectations when it comes to service and are more educated than ever about coffee. Don’t lose out on sales and follow our simple hints and tips for looking after your espresso machine…

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Top tips for the perfect coffee

Recently, we spent time with La Cimbali at the London coffee festival. Our go-to whole bean and fresh milk machine supplier. La Cimbali have just launched the M26 – a brand new traditional espresso machine that not only looks good but performs like a dream. We spoke to the team about the secrets of making the perfect coffee and here are the results: THE GRINDER Invest in a great quality and reliable espresso grinder such as La Cimbali’s new Elective Grinder available with or without auto tamp feature. The grinder... Read More