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In Conversation With: Charlotte

1: You’ve got 100 words to describe your job, go. I look after our tea and infusions supply chains: from the point of materials arriving at Ringtons back through each supply chain. This incorporates food safety and food quality ensuring our teas and infusions are safe for consumption, and ethical and sustainability considerations which ensures we source our materials responsibly, for both people and planet. 2: What do you love most about working in the tea industry? I love how many people drink tea (and how frequently people drink tea),... Read More

La Cimbali 13/06/2019
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Recently, we partnered with our friends La Cimbali at the European Coffee Expo supplying them with an exclusive coffee to serve at the show. We managed to grab five minutes and chat shop with Dan to find out about what’s next for La Cimbali and how baristas can come into their own.   You’ve got 50 words to describe La Cimbali, go. La Cimbali is a family owned and managed business with a brand heritage that dates back over 100 years. There’s incredible knowledge within the team that fuels a... Read More

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Small ways to start making a difference…

It’s #worldenvironmentday and we’ve been chatting to some of the businesses we work with about ways to reduce, recycle and be a bit more considerate to our planet – and you had some great ideas, hints and tips! Here’s a couple: 1: Store correctly By storing tea and coffee correctly you can keep your ingredients fresher for longer, avoiding unnecessary waste. Once opened, store your tea and coffee in an airtight container to keep it as fresh as possible. Keep your tea and coffee away from heat, storing it in... Read More

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Tips for a healthy, clean machine

Trust us, one of the secrets to making a great cup of coffee is a clean machine. It makes a huge difference to the taste of your coffee and taking the time to care for your machine will preserve its life and reduce breakdowns. Not only this, but consumers have high expectations when it comes to service and are more educated than ever about coffee. Don’t lose out on sales and follow our simple hints and tips for looking after your espresso machine…

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In conversation with… Danny

What got you into coffee? Years in the hospitality trade focusing on beverages and flavour profiling whilst living on a diet of espresso. It was only natural that at some point I headed into the trade itself.   Favourite Ringtons coffee? Colombian bean, it’s smooth and fruity whilst retaining richness and a subtle sweetness.   What’s your go-to brewing method? In the morning I love a pour over (V60) espresso. A flat white will forever be my go-to milk drink.   What are your top five tips for baristas?   Invest... Read More

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But First, Brunch – Our April Go-To Guide

It’s a hard job when you get to travel up and down the country sampling some of the best places for brunch with a cup of Ringtons on the side. Here’s our April shout outs: Five Houses, Yarm Five houses isn’t your average brunch stop off, it’s a gorgeous farm shop, deli and kitchen. It’s the perfect destination for foodies with plenty of goodies to enjoy. Find out more: www.fivehouses.co.uk/index.html Five Houses Farm, Crathorne , TS15 0AY The Factory Kitchen, Newcastle upon Tyne Located in the Biscuit Factory, a beautiful... Read More