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St George's Day MenuPoor old St George. He doesn’t get as much celebration as St Patrick or even May Day. We thought he deserved a bit more recognition this year, so with the help of our best friend, the internet, we’ve put together a Tea inspired menu that will definitely impress your nearest and dearest.

Each recipe uses tea that can be sourced from Ringtons to add a new and excitingly different edge to some delicious courses.

Here’s a quick list of the tea’s you’ll need:

Rooibos Loose Tea

Mint Marrakesh Loose Tea

Everyday Green Tea Bags or Jasmine Green Loose Tea

Classic Earl Grey Loose Tea

The menu consists of 5 courses. A starter of Rooibos Butternut Pizzettas followed by a refreshing Mint Marrakesh sorbet palate cleanser.

The main course is 2 fillets of Green tea encrusted salmon on a bed of vegetables and fluffy rice, with a miso sauce.

Green Tea Salmon
Green Tea Salmon







Satisfy your sweet tooth with a dessert of Earl Grey Blended Chocolate Mousse.

Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse
Earl Grey Chocolate Mousse

You can even follow with a coffee from our Signature range or perhaps a Peppermint Tea if you’re full to bursting by that point!




If you give this menu a try we’d love to hear how it goes. Send us your pictures and let us know if the recipes were a success.

To see the full menu and recipes click here.

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