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It’s #worldenvironmentday and we’ve been chatting to some of the businesses we work with about ways to reduce, recycle and be a bit more considerate to our planet – and you had some great ideas, hints and tips! Here’s a couple:

1: Store correctly

By storing tea and coffee correctly you can keep your ingredients fresher for longer, avoiding unnecessary waste. Once opened, store your tea and coffee in an airtight container to keep it as fresh as possible. Keep your tea and coffee away from heat, storing it in a cool dry place.

TIP: If you bulk buy, when storing your products check the best before date and bring those going out of date earlier to the forefront to use first.


2: Buy biodegradable and compostable cups

Think about sustainability and buy disposables that can be recycled or will biodegrade naturally over time helping to reduce the plastics we leave behind.

View our collection here: https://www.ringtons.co.uk/wholesale-c75/serving-supplies-c149/on-the-go-t201


3: Collect coffee grounds for composting 

Spent coffee grounds provide nutrients which can be used effectively in gardening to create compost. A number of our clients offer their customers and staff spent grounds to take home with them so why not set up your own scheme?


4: Offer variety

According to recent scientific studies, the product of plant-based milk is lower in greenhouse gas emissions than dairy milk. Try offering alternatives– oat, almond, soy and coconut milk are great! You can even create season specials to tempt your customers to switch.


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