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As the winter months kick in it can be tempting to hibernate and watch movies on the sofa, but incorporating some simple exercise tips into your daily activity will help you achieve those yuletide goals and get a head start on that New Years resolution.

Some of my favourite winter activities include woodland walks which get the blood flowing, collecting pine cones with the kids to make festive decorations and doing yoga in the house (using free apps and YouTube, of course). To help you get active at this wonderful time of the year, I’ve prepared my 4 step plan for winter workout success! Take a look below and let me know how you get on via Instagram!

Having a goal really helps keep up motivation and it keeps you accountable. Tell your friends and family about your goal. Make sure it is something that excites you even if you might feel a bit nervous about achieving it. It is important to aim high even if that is slightly out of your comfort zone. Mini goals along the way can help you build your confidence and fitness.

Once you make the habit you are more likely to stick to it but it can be hard to get started. Make it a priority by putting it in your diary. Laying your kit out the day before can also help. Having a training partner to run with or finding a run group. It is harder to let someone else down and it makes it more enjoyable.

I keep a training log. I track my sessions by pace and distance but I also write how I felt and how my body felt. It is important to always listen to your body and adapt your training if needed. It is also a great confidence and motivational boost when I look back at all the pages of good training I have had, even if I have the odd bad session or break from training. Using a tracking app like Strava or a running watch can also help track your progress and keep you motivated to keep improving. It is always important to keep in mind it is progress not perfection you are aiming for. Look back at how far you have come on your journey and be proud of yourself.

Unless I have a very good reason I always go to training. I find it easier to go than not to but for people who lack motivation I would say just tell yourself to just try and see what happens. If you are tired just say I will start and see how far and how fast my body wants to go. You will almost always do more than you thought you would, and you will feel much better for doing something rather than nothing. After training I always like to reward myself, usually with a nice, hot cup of Ringtons Gold (naturally).

It’d be great to hear how you get on with your own winter workouts! Please let me know by getting in touch on Instagram @zoedoyle._ or click the link below… Have a very Merry Christmas and a great start to 2020!

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