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From tea party essentials to the most celebratory Coronation makes and bakes, we have everything you need to make the most out of this moment. On the 6th of May, raise a cuppa for the Coronation and share a sweet treat or two with those that mean the most to you. 

Ringtons Coronation Essentials

Tea, treats and moments like these bring us all together. From royal afternoon teas to street party spreads, it’s time to plan. Stock up on goodies to share, hampers to gift and mementoes to mark this special occasion. 

Sweet treats are essential for any afternoon tea, so bring bakes, cakes, and biscuits to delight your guests. Top your freshly-made scones with Ringtons preserve and a good helping of clotted cream. 

Your biscuit selection should include everything from buttery shortbread to tempting chocolate-coated cookies. When it comes to cake, you can’t go wrong with Toffee Apple Cake or tasty Ginger Cake.

A street party or get-together would only be complete with a tombola or raffle. A brilliant way to raise money for the causes you care about. From gift boxes to chocolates, select something to make them smile.

We have a long history of creating Royal memorabilia. This will be the fifth monarch we have seen crowned since our beginnings in 1907, and it gives us great pleasure to add another royal collection to the archive. Shop the collection here!

Make it together: Recipes & Crafts

Occasions like these are about spending time together, and that can mean baking or making. It’s often in the preparation we make our most special memories. So, here are some things you can make together for the Coronation:

Make a cup of tea fit for Royaltea 

With over 100 million cuppas drunk daily in the UK, we expect a fair few of us to raise a cuppa for the Coronation this spring. Tea’s been a royal favourite for over 400 years, with Queen Victoria mentioning it more than 7,500 times in her private journals. King Charles III is continuing the tradition by starting each day with a cup of Darjeeling at breakfast. 

To drink tea like a royal, follow our simple steps… you can’t go wrong. 

The teacup: 

Choose a fine bone china beaker fit for the occasion.

The water: 

Boil freshly drawn water. Every time! The more you boil your water, the more oxygen you lose from it, ultimately impacting your cuppa’s flavour. 

Let it brew: 

Whether in a fine bone china beaker or teapot, leave it alone for four minutes – it will give you a beautiful-tasting tea. If you’re brewing in a cup, cover the top of it… read all about it in Jake’s top tea tips here. 

Stir and get ready to sip: 

Once the tea has been brewed for four minutes, stir it before removing the bag or loose and adding milk. Let it sit for a moment, and don’t drink it too hot – not only does it save you from burning your mouth, but it means you’ll enjoy more flavour from your tea! 

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