Our First Review Star

A few weeks ago we launched a competition to find the first of our Ringtonian Reviewers. We aksed those on Facebook to place a review of us and our products and we chose one lucky winner to receive a treasure trove of all our Easter goodies in order to review them.


The winner was Elizabeth Wyatt and here is her review.

Ringtons Easter Goodies

Ringtons Easter Goodies

Ode to my Lovely Easter Treats.
I received a lovely gift box, full of Easter treats,

Chocolate, toffee & money boxes, all right up my street

It was a joy to receive, a truly lovely surprise,

I hurriedly opened the box, for the treat that awaited my eyes!

I found the money boxes and popped in 2 or 3 pounds,

I then moved on to the toffee, to eat a few good “rounds”,

I then just had to sample the delicious choccie eggs,

Did I offer my husband??? Well, only if he begs!

All that’s left to say, before this poem should end,

Is a big hello and thank you, that is what I send,

So, Ringtons, happy Easter, have a lovely time,

And, I do hope you at Ringtons, enjoy this Easter Rhyme!

Well done Elizabeth! We love her ode to her Easter Treat and thoroughly enjoyed reading all the reviews submitted.

Keep an eye on the competitions page for more chance to become our next reviewer in the coming months.


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