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Arrived Marseilles at 6am. Had early breakfast and went ashore at 8:30. Took taxi for a run through the principal streets and to Notre Dame which stands on a hill. One goes up 300 feet in a lift on the cliff side, crosses a bridge and goes up still more steps to get to the Church. We had not time to go to the Church but got a wonderful view of the town from the bridge. We then went on to “Le Palais Longchamp,” a fine building, after which we strolled about the principal streets, had coffee, watched the crowds pass and returned to the ship in good time. Saw some pathetic partings, especially one old Indian lady parting with her son. The boat left prompt noon and was away from the dock when three ladies were seen running along the dock-side loaded with parcels. The ship slowed down and it was surprising how quickly they were got aboard. A launch was there and got them aboard and run alongside the ship, a ladder and ropes were lowered and a rope was passed round their waists. Then a rope in each hand they climbed the ladder and were pulled aboard, the parcels pulled aboard after them. The ship is fairly dull – the steward said there were over 80 children in the tourist quarters and there were a good many in the saloon. Now about 11pm and just passing between Sardinia and Corsica. We can see the lighthouses twinkling on both sides of the ship. We start putting our watches on 30 minutes each day until we reach Bombay on the 10th November.

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