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Arose early. A warm sea water bath and a good breakfast felt much better for the day in bed. The crew appear to be mainly lascars and they appear to be very proud of their caps with red bands. Some have very fine embroidered crowns. They wear blue smocks and trousers – some of the smocks have fine needlework on and with the highly coloured scarves round their waists, they look very picturesque. A good percentage of the waiters are Indians – a very obliging lot. There is an open-air swimming bath and Mac had a swim but there is not sufficient length for him to get up speed. A few turns round the deck, a game of deck and bucket quoits and then time to dress for dinner. Time flies. Played games with Mac and two military officers – one in the Meteorological Dept of the Air Force and the other a colonel taking charge of forces in Iraq. They leave the ship at Port Said and by a strange coincidence they are both in the same cabin and going to the same place, but sent by different ministries. We saw the North West coast of Spain, passing Cape Finisterre about 2:30pm. The ship will be off Lisbon about 3am tomorrow and will round Cape St. Vincent about 8am. After dinner the talking picture – “The Student’s Romance”. Only one breakdown – better than one usually sees on board a ship. Watched the dancing – only a poor show as yet – and then to bed.

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