October 26th, 1935

Left for Tilbury where we boarded the “Strathmore”. My wife and a few friends were allowed on board for a very short time. We had on board a few young priests who were evidently going abroad as missionaries and the friends who were seeing them off were having a good time, trying to make themselves and everyone within earshot miserable by singing some very melancholy hymns.  Melancholy to me going away for a few months but to men who were returning to their duties abroad it must have sounded very depressing indeed. We moved off at 5:15pm and after losing sight of my friends on shore I went below to unpack. About 7pm went to dinner and during dinner I commented upon the smooth running of the boat – no vibration – and was told that we were not moving. We had only moved into mid-stream and were stationary. It was about 8-15pm when we set off. Now going full speed – nearly 11.pm and I am going to bed.


Photo courtesy of Steve Hunnisett.

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