November 6th, 1935 | The Ringtons BlogThe Ringtons Blog November 6th, 1935 | The Ringtons Blog

Too hot for anything. Stayed in bed all day – all fans going and lived on fruit juices and fruit. Passed a ship about 7pm. All illuminated. Steward thought it was for the Royal Wedding. A wind seems to be getting up which makes it more pleasant but I am staying in bed. We passed Jabel Tair Island at 9.30am. This island is of recent volcanic origin and composed chiefly of lava. Sulphurous jets exist at the summit but no smoke has been issuing for some years past. Massawa and Centre Peek Island were passed before noon. Abu Ail Lighthouse was seen at about 2.30pm. These islands are not inhabited but are visited by fishermen in search of sharks’ fins, turtle and fish. Perim Island was rounded about 7pm. We passed Adem at midnight and are now within the tropics; instructions to stow away our woolly watticks.

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