Ringtons. A Visit to India and Ceylon: November 26th.The Ringtons Blog Ringtons. A Visit to India and Ceylon: November 26th.

Visited Brooke Bond and Co. and met our friend Broom. He sent a young fellow with us to the Sale Room and we saw the auctioneer dispose of parcels very rapidly. No buying Brokers are necessary and each firm buys on its own account. Brooke Bonds were heavy buyers. Our friend Siewert bought about one thousand chests. Returned to B.B and Co. and saw their factory – old and new. The new building will be a fine one when completed. Mac tasted about eighty teas there with a  young buyer but they were not our type. Not the season for good tea – too much rain. We then went to the Grand Oriental Hotel and met our courier, Mr Bell, after which we continued to Whittal and Co. and met one of the Directors. They are agents for many Ceylon Estates. After lunch we went to the Colombo Commerical Co. and received an invitation to Spring Valley Gardens. We dine with Mr. and Mrs. Broom tonight after which we pack for eleven days up country – visiting tea estates. Confident this will prove of value to Ringtons in future years. After lunch I inspected the Tea, Building and Engineering Depts. Of the Colombo Commercial Co. All appear anxious to do their best for us.


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