A Visit to India and Ceylon: 16th November, 1935The Ringtons Blog A Visit to India and Ceylon: 16th November, 1935

Arrived at the West End Hotel and the Manager met us at the door and said, “Mr Smith, you would know Fred Richardson. I am his son and when I heard that a Mr Smith of Newcastle was coming here I felt sure it would be you.” He is a fine young man with a Yorkshire girl for his wife. Harry Richardson knows all my family and he is out to give Mac and myself the best that Bangalore can offer. Wonderful how small the world really is. He is manager for Spencers’, the greatest caterers in India and is supervising the rebuilding of this hotel, putting in an up to date sanitary system, sinking wells, etc. We are seeing so much that I get muddled and all this is before we even start the original itinerary. Bangalore is the third largest city in India. Calcutta – Bombay – Bangalore – Madras. Brooke Bonds have estates in this district and we had a letter from one of their managers asking us to visit them if we had time.

Have been through the markets today – very interesting. This is a larger city than Newcastle. The market was thronged with natives –  a great variety of foods – meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, cereals, etc. Bitten by mosquitoes on wrist, finger and ear. Mac going to a dance but I am going to bed.

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