November 9th, 1935.

Fine day – cool breeze on deck. All appear to be doing a bit of packing in readiness for tomorrow noon. We are due at Ballard Pier at noon. The island of Bombay came into the possession of the Portuguese in 1534 and was ceded by them to Charles II, in 1661, as part of the dowry of his queen, Catherine of Branganze, but after seven years the king transferred ownership to the East India Company. The adjoining islands of Salsette and Karanja still remained in possession of the Portuguese and it was not until the Mahratta war of 1774 – 1782 that all the Bombay group of islands and the town of Thana were permanently occupied by the British. The earliest known ruler of Bombay was Asoka. Saturday night dance and presentation of prizes for deck sports. Mac got three.

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