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Fine weather. The ship seems to be going full speed and the steward told me they hoped to do a trip in 24 hours less than has been done before. At about 2:30pm we passed quite close to Stromboli Island and the volcano was sending forth a white column of smoke. The lava has run down all sides of the hill although the crate has now formed on one side near the top. At about 4:30 we passed through the Messina Straits and got a very fine view of the coast of Italy and Sicily. Had a good view of the lighthouse (Black and White rings) which lost part of its height during the Messina earthquake before the War. Had a good view of the town of Messina and also felt the power of the whirlpool. The Captain was broadcasting from the bridge when the ship took a sudden swerve and he explained that this was due to the enormous power of the whirlpool. After dinner we had another picture show – “Nell Gwyn.” Now about 10pm and making straight across to Port Said which we hope to reach on Sunday – clocks on another 30 minutes.

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