Lee and Nina blended right in at Ringtons HQ

For anyone who has ever dreamt of making their own tea, our latest blog is for you, as we follow our lucky Valentine’s competition winners Lee and Nina on their afternoon of tea blending at Ringtons HQ.

Under the guidance of Linda, Ringtons’ very own Infusions and Flavour Buyer & Blender, Lee and Nina were the first people to make their own blend within Ringtons’ specialist infusions department – making it an exciting and historic day for us all.  After a bite to eat and a welcoming cuppa, our winning couple were given an exclusive tour of Ringtons tea tasting department and introduced to the world of tea, hearing all about how tea is made and how the hundreds of Ringtons blends are created and tasted every day.

Linda guided our winners through some of our most popular teas before helping them select a base blend from which to build their own tea. Preferring a fruitier flavour, Nina and Lee chose a hibiscus base which is a flowering plant commonly used in fruit-based infusions including our Signature Strawberries and Cream.
Nina and Lee then chose from our huge array of ingredients to add to their blend – favouring fruity options such as lingon berries, strawberries and blueberries while rose, marigolds and red cornflowers added colour and the finishing touches.



Once the blend was complete, the couple retreated for another cuppa and a biscuit while designing a label for their creation and Linda whipped up a batch of the brand new infusion for tasting. We all waited with baited breath as Nina and Lee took their first sip and thankfully they loved it! After a bit of a team brainstorm, Lee came up with the perfect name for the special brew and so ‘Lee and Nina’s berry own blend’ was born!

Lee and Nina Tea 2

After a fun afternoon of blending and tasting, we waved Nina and Lee off for a night of being spoilt at the award-winning Matfen Hall hotel – our client and competition partners – where they enjoyed a three course meal and a relaxing night in a luxury room – we can’t think of a better way to top off a lovely day!

 “Thanks so much for an amazing day and experience, was awesome blending our own tea and meeting everyone. Thanks for looking after us the whole time the experience was amazing and we enjoyed every single minute. And the generosity of the goody bag is unbelievable we cannot thank you all enough. Thanks again” – Lee, Ringtons tea blending competition winner.


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