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The lovely Robyn has been with us for almost a year now – how time flies! Robyn looks after our out of home clients across Yorkshire and the North West. we chatted about her role as a Business Development Manager and the industry as a whole, read our conversation and get to know her a little more…

You’ve got 100 words to describe your job, go.

It’s exciting and fast-paced! My role is to provide the out of home market with fantastic coffee, tea and more. By creating wonderful relationships with our clients and developing new ones, I’m able to ensure you get the chance to enjoy Ringtons when you’re out and about.

Being able to work in this industry, with Ringtons, is everything and more! The whole team is so supportive – from admin to marketing, to the buyers and my manager, it has been a fantastic (nearly) full year.

Take us through an average day as a Ringtons Business Development Manager?

No day is ever the same and that’s one of the best things about my role. I can be out seeing current clients talking through our products and checking up on how they’re doing, or I can be having meetings with prospective customers introducing Ringtons and hearing about their challenges.

Ringtons offers our Beverages for Business customers a full-service solution – meaning that as well as ingredients and support we offer machines and equipment so I can often be found coordinating installations and delivering training.

I’m in constant contact with Ringtons HQ – liaising with customer care on orders and stock, as well as with the marketing team on new and exciting initiatives for clients….there’s always lots happening!

What’s the question people ask you most about your job?

‘Have you got any goodies?’ and yes I’m always prepared with twin pack cookies just in case…hehe

What do you love most about your job/working in the industry?

You never sit still! There are always new opportunities and people looking to do something a little bit different to stand out against competition or meet the needs of their customers.

The industry is ever-evolving for the better, and it’s great to be a part of. It’s really rewarding to work with businesses to help them serve quality drinks to the highest possible standard.

What’s the best thing about the industry at the moment…and the worst?

The industry is always changing and moves in all sorts of different directions, which means it’s fascinating – there’s always something to learn! I would say one of the best things is that we keep up to date with the new trends, challenges and technologies, imparting our knowledge and getting creative.

Hmm, the worst – there is a lot of bad coffee/tea out there. I always ask potential clients whether they actually like the coffee they’re serving, and 50% would say no. My answer – it’s time to change it!

What’s your top tips for your clients?

1: Make it straight forward – from your menu to equipment and maintenance.

2: Look after your equipment, and it will look after you.

3: Do training, and refresh training, consistency is key!

What’s your go-to Ringtons product?

It has to be the Triple Certified Whole Bean. 100% arabica from Honduras, which has the depth of flavour and body, but acidity to balance the whole espresso – delicious!

Finally, if you’re not drinking tea or coffee, what are you drinking? 

I always start the day with either a Flat White, then go to tea in the afternoon, however come Friday night you’ll find me sipping on a G&T!

If you’d like to book an appointment with Robyn to discuss how Ringtons can transform your offering don’t hesitate to give her a call: 07388 961014

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