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However big or small your outdoor space is you can grow summer blooms to make you smile all season long. Get ahead and start sowing seeds now…

Sweet Peas

There’s nothing quite like the scent of summer sweet peas. Fill a toilet roll tube with compost and sow your seeds!


Make holes in clean used yoghurt pots and sow the seeds. Keep on a sunny windowsill or in a greenhouse. When they’re around 20cm tall, pinch off the top.


Sow your seeds on top of compost in a seed tray or old tupperware with drainage holes added. Once you see at least four leaves growing you can carefully re-pot (prick out) into larger pots to grow on.

Why not make some some delightful herb plant pot caddies too? An absolute treat to admire on your windowsill… and to cook with!

What you’ll need:

A selection of tea caddies or any containers you have to hand, cleaned

A selection of herb plants or seeds




If your squeaky clean caddy or container doesn’t have a drainage hole in the bottom, you’ll need to add a few – it’s easy to do with a drill.  

Fill your caddies up with compost and either firmly plant your herbs or lightly sow your seeds and water.

Place on a window sill or anywhere else around the house that gets plenty of light and make sure to pop a saucer underneath. You want keep your plant watered and don’t forget to use the herbs when cooking!

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