From Leaf to Your Cup

This month we are celebrating the range of our Signature Loose leaf teas from all across the world. We’ve selected and blended 5 very special loose leaf teas to make you into a true Ringtons Tea Connoisseur.

Our Ceylon Orange Pekoe and Ringtons 1907 blend are our chosen black teas for this special gift box. Like most loose leaf black teas the plucked leaves go through a process of withering, rolling, oxidization and drying. It begins with withering, where the leaves are spread out on raised troughs to allow air to circulate around the leaves, softening and reducing their moisture content. They are then rolled; this bruises and twists the delicate leaves. . After this they are then left to oxidize in a process commonly referred to as ‘fermentation’. This essential process activates enzymes in the leaves and is the means through which the tea’s flavour and colour are developed. They are then passed through hot air tunnels or ‘ovens’ to be dried.

As its’ name suggests, our Ceylon Orange Pekoe is from the tea fields of Sri Lanka and is one of our classic strong black teas that produces a beautifully  coppery coloured infusion, perfect for an afternoon ‘pick-me-up’?. Our 1907 blend is inspired by the original 1907 blend and so is made with a mix of Sri Lankan and Indian Assam teas. This creates a deep, dark infusion and a strong, full flavoured brew; this is tea the way it used to be.

Many factors can influence the final taste of your tea such as climate, soil, altitude, conditions, when & how it is plucked & processed, the blending, packaging, transportation and storage. To ensure our blends are consistent they are constantly checked by our expert tea tasters here in Newcastle.

The tea tasting room at Ringtons

Our Tea Tasters hard at work

Green teas are sometimes referred as ‘unfermented’ teas. The freshly picked leaves are allowed to dry, then are heat treated to prevent any oxidation. Our Mint Marrakesh has a sweet fresh taste of real spearmint from Egypt and is blended with our very special green tea from the producers in China.

Our Jasmine Green tea is made in a similar way to other green teas but is infused with the sweet scent of jasmine flowers creating a delicate Green tea that tastes truly exquisite.

The final inclusion is our Strawberries and Cream infusion which blends real rosehip and hibiscus pieces with strawberry flavouring and the creamy richness of vanilla flavouring. This infusion is blended in the UK by our expert blenders using ingredients that come from all over the world.

All of these teas come with our brilliant Ringtons Loose Tea Infuser, which is a must have for any loose leaf tea enthusiasts.

Your journey to become a Ringtons Tea Connoisseur begins here…


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