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With Father’s Day approaching on the 15th June, we asked around our staff for their stories of how they spend time with their father. This one is really sweet and sums up the heart of the relationship. It comes from our Assistant Marketing Manager, Rob Young.

“The room is furnished with big wooden units, a big leather topped desk sits strewn with paperwork against the window.  The room is warm with the heat from the fire, still roaring in mid June!

It’s silent, the quiet only broken by the gentle crackling sounds from the fire and the dogs yelping as they dream of chasing rabbits…

My dad is sitting on the sofa mesmerised by the fire; he always could watch it for hours.

It’s father’s day. Traffic was a nightmare so I am running a little late.  As an only child, it’s all down to me. I feel a bit guilty as my Dad should be number one today and I shouldn’t be late – again.  But I am armed with two huge mugs of Ringtons Ginger Snaps precariously supported by my little finger – so the guilt will soon subside.

The dogs look up and come running over, as happy as ever if not a bit bleary eyed from their day dreaming.

My Dad turns his head with the biggest smile, “Hello!”, his eye contact doesn’t last long as he spies the biscuits.

“Are these Ringtons?” he asks. I’m a little offended that he thinks I would offer him anything less! “Of course, it is Father’s Day after all.”

And so it begins. My Dad and I sit and chat for hours.  We are best friends. More than father and son.

Hours have flown by just chatting; my Dad would never want me to buy him anything flash or designer.

The only present he wants is his usual Ringtons cuppa, biccies and time with me.  I have to say Father’s Day is just one of the excuses to come home and have a Ringtons brew with my Dad.

I wonder what my excuse will be next weekend…? ”


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