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As soon as we started to discuss this year’s National Cream Tea Day (28th June) Ringtons HQ errupted in commotion – conversations were passionate as we got side-tracked debating the age-old question – cream or jam first? And that was all before everyone started to question whether scone should rhyme with home or and gone… don’t even get us started on whether you should go with plain or fruity scones.

Essentially, we realised that there’s a lot of grey areas when it comes to cream teas so we quickly agreed to disagree, before the day was ruined. However, we did agree on something … how to make the perfect cup to coincide with our afternoon treat.


1: Boil freshly drawn water

The more times your water is boiled, the less it will allow the flavours of the tea to properly infuse with it.

2: Leave to infuse for three-five minutes

We’ve all been there, itching for a cup of tea we rush the processes or put the milk in whilst the tea in brewing. Just don’t. Trust us you will be rewarded, let the tea bag and water get to know each other for three to five minutes.

3: Let the customer add milk

It’s so tricky to make tea as someone else likes it, so let your customer make their own and supply milk in a separate vessel.


What tea to serve? Traditional black tea is the obvious choice – go for English Breakfast or our award winning Gold. It’s worth noting that over recent years there’s been a huge spike in demand for alternative flavours and choice – if this suits your offering head to our T&E collection. Looking to present your customer with an experience? Look no further than our loose leaf range.

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