Craft Corner: Tea-riffic Bird FeederThe Ringtons Blog Craft Corner: Tea-riffic Bird Feeder

Use up unwanted or odd cups and saucers to create an adorable tea cup bird feeder that’s also a feast for the eyes!  


  • A cup and saucer, cleaned (make sure it’s not chipped)
  • Bird seed and treats
  • Twine or string, 3x 50cm lengths
  • Glue gun


  1. Take your twine or string and tightly tie the ends of them together into a knot. Next, glue the knot to the base of the saucer (and when we say base we mean the underside!).
  • Evenly space out the string from underneath your saucer, hold them up and gather together. Tie the ends with a knot so the saucer is securely hanging in the middle.
  • Apply glue to the side of your chosen cup and stick to the saucer. Hold in place until dry. Make sure it’s really secure, if not add more glue. Voila!
  • Find a wind sheltered area in your garden and hang, adding plenty of bird treats!

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