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What you’ll need:

100g dark chocolate

30g butter

Ringtons Premium Gold Instant Coffee

3 eggs, separated

50g sugar

125ml double cream


Melt the chocolate and butter together before making 50ml of strong coffee and combining. Set aside to cool slightly. Next, mix 3 egg yolks with 25g of sugar until pale. Whisk in the coffee/chocolate mixture.

In another bowl, beat the cream and remaining sugar together to form firm peaks. In an additional bowl, beat 3 egg whites into stiff peaks. To bring everything together, fold 1tbsp of egg white into your chocolate mixture. Once combined, slowly fold in the rest, followed by the sweetened cream. Decant into bowls, glasses or espresso cups and chill for 3+ hours.

We love serving ours with some delicious Shortbread Rounds.

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