China Yellow Buds

This is a very rare tea from Yunnan comprising only delicate golden buds. It is produced in Mannong, on Hekai Mountain, one of the world’s most ancient tea cultivation areas. Initially processed similarly to a green tea, a second oxidation stage is added, during which time the golden colour and sweet flavours develop. This tea is always made in small quantities because it is so difficult to produce and rarely available.

This tea is pale and mellow, with a sweet flavour that has hints of apricot and pear.

According to local legend, a young scholar and a beautiful local girl fell madly in love. They spent hours walking together and planning their future. One day a local landowner saw the girl picking tea and wanted her for himself. He asked for her hand in marriage but her father refused because he knew she loved the scholar. This enraged the landowner and he hired some men to spread poison over the fields that belonged to the girl’s father.  It made the crops wither and die and the family fell on hard times. They struggled to buy food and had no crops that they were able to sell. The landowner approached the father once more. He said he would give him lots of new land, if he could have the daughter. He threatened and bullied until he got his way and forced the girl’s parents to make their daughter marry him. She was distraught and told him she would never love him. Her heart belonged to the scholar and always would.

On the night before the wedding, the young girl snuck out of the landowners house only to find that the landowner had murdered the scholar in a jealous rage. She went to his grave and cried until she became the rain. The scholar’s body became a tea tree.

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