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Zoe & Ringtons: Taking care of your mental well being at home…

In these strange and unprecedented times when we are experiencing such a dramatic change in the way we live our lives, it is normal for us to sometimes feel anxious and sad. It is important, now more than ever to focus on the positive things in our lives. When we can’t control so many aspects of life we need to look at the things we can make an impact on. One thing we do have is more time. We can use this time to do many positive things. Here are... Read More

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Zoe & Ringtons: Top Tips for Keeping Active with Kids at home…

Home schooling and even just having kids at home can be a challenge at the best of times… So while we’re all spending more time at home, I find that exercise is very much needed to help the kids concentrate and let off some steam. As habit is created through routine, so structuring each day with time for exercise is really important. In this blog, I’ve outlined some of my top tips for keeping the kids active while they’re at home… I am giving my kids one session first thing... Read More

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Zoe & Ringtons: January Edition

In the past few years, ‘wellbeing’ has become a real buzz word. We hear it banded around in newspapers, on social media and on TV. Wellbeing can mean so many different things to different people, so I’ve outlined below what wellbeing means to me and how I achieve overall wellbeing through an active and healthy lifestyle! Take a look… For me, happiness is key to feeling good and looking great especially during the dark winter months. I find that regular exercise improves my overall mood and wellbeing, helping me to... Read More

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Zoe & Ringtons: December Edition

As the winter months kick in it can be tempting to hibernate and watch movies on the sofa, but incorporating some simple exercise tips into your daily activity will help you achieve those yuletide goals and get a head start on that New Years resolution. Some of my favourite winter activities include woodland walks which get the blood flowing, collecting pine cones with the kids to make festive decorations and doing yoga in the house (using free apps and YouTube, of course). To help you get active at this wonderful... Read More


From Gold tea to Gold medal success…

We are extremely proud to announce that we have tea-med up with Master Athlete (& 5th generation family member) Zoe Doyle, as she eyes up more medal wins in 2020! Zoe is currently ranked W40 nationally for the 800m and 1500m. She holds the title of European 1500m Champion and World indoor Champion over 1500m and 3000m. She has most recently been selected to run cross country for England W40 Team and is eyeing up even more challenges as she looks ahead to 2020… Oh, and she just happens to... Read More