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Craft Corner


Use up unwanted or odd cups and saucers to create an adorable tea cup bird feeder that’s also a feast for the eyes!  


  • A cup and saucer, cleaned (make sure it’s not chipped)
  • Bird seed and treats
  • Twine or string, 3x 50cm lengths
  • Glue gun


  1. Take your twine or string and tightly tie the ends of them together into a knot. Next, glue the knot to the base of the saucer (and when we say base we mean the underside!).
  • Evenly space out the string from underneath your saucer, hold them up and gather together. Tie the ends with a knot so the saucer is securely hanging in the middle.
  • Apply glue to the side of your chosen cup and stick to the saucer. Hold in place until dry. Make sure it’s really secure, if not add more glue. Voila!
  • Find a wind sheltered area in your garden and hang, adding plenty of bird treats!

Now it’s Summer, this is a craft you can really get creative with!

Use whatever you have to hand – faux or fresh flowers – there’s no rules and it’s a wonderful way to bring the outside in, safely – during these bright Summer days. It’s also as easy as 1, 2, 3!


  • Fresh flowers and foliage or faux flowers (why not use cut flowers from your own garden)
  • An old embroidery ring or wooden hoop
  • Wire or string  


  1. Start by placing your foliage or a good base flower around your hoop, we used Gypsophila. Wind around your wire or string, securing the flowers/foliage to the hoop.
  2. Once done, you can start slotting in the rest of your flowers by sliding the stalks through the wire or string. Cut off any long stems and arrange as you please.
  3. Finish off by adding a loop of string to the top to hang it with and enjoy!

TIP: To create a longer lasting design, dry out flowers and grasses and use them instead!