Brand New to the Basket: July (Part 1)The Ringtons Blog Brand New to the Basket: July (Part 1)

July is here and whilst the weather might not be the sunniest we have a selection of brand new launches that will certainly make up for it. All of these items are available throughout July from your lovely Salesperson.

Crumbly Mints:

Our refreshing peppermint flavoured mints are back! With their soft and crumbly consistency they are the perfect treat for any time of day. This month you can buy a pack of our Crumbly Mints plus two more Ringtons sweet packs for only £4 using your exclusive July Doorstep voucher.

Perfect for: Stashing in your glove box or office drawer

Jute Bag:

Update your bag for life with this long lasting, strong and eco-friendly Jute Bag. Made using natural fabric from the jute plant and featuring the iconic Ringtons Horse and Cart, you can use this bag for shopping, beaching, gymming, weekend break-ing and everything in between. Comes with a full size pack of Ginger Snaps and Gold tea!

Perfect for: The eco-conscious Ringtons fan

Gluten Free Cookie Hamper:

Why settle for one flavour of gluten free cookie when you can have three? Our Gluten Free Cookie Hamper has had a 2019 update and features two brand new flavours – White Chocolate & Lemon and Ginger & Dark Chocolate. We have also included the winning flavour from last year’s hamper, Half-coated Fruit and Nut – simply delicious.

Perfect for: Dishing out during the tea round

Flavoured Water:

This new tropical selection of gently sparkling water gives you a little taste of sunshine even on cloudy days. Each pack contains four exotic flavours: Spiced Banana, Guava & Mandarin, Pineapple & Coconut and Mango & Lime. We recommend serving with ice and fresh fruit for the ultimate summer drink.


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