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In Conversation With: Charlotte

1: You’ve got 100 words to describe your job, go. I look after our tea and infusions supply chains: from the point of materials arriving at Ringtons back through each supply chain. This incorporates food safety and food quality ensuring our teas and infusions are safe for consumption, and ethical and sustainability considerations which ensures we source our materials responsibly, for both people and planet. 2: What do you love most about working in the tea industry? I love how many people drink tea (and how frequently people drink tea),... Read More

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Travel Diaries: Sadie’s Brazil Highlights

There’s nothing quite like seeing a coffee harvest in action to get a true picture of the taste and quality of the year’s crop, which is why our Green Coffee Buyer and QC Manager Sadie reminisces on travelling to Brazil in 2019 to meet some of our producers. Needless to say, it was a very busy and fruitful trip (pardon the pun) with Sadie travelling from farms to cupping labs to processing stations and meeting the people behind the coffee as she went. Heading to origin is always exciting and... Read More

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Craft Corner: Upcycle Your Glass Bottles

Here’s a hack that takes no time at all… Why not make use out of those empty glass bottles and turn them into posy vases? Ringtons flavoured water bottles are perfect for this but you can use any empty bottles you have lying around the house. There’s no instructions required for this one, simply wash off unwanted labels with hot water and soap, then arrange a selection of flowers in them sit back and enjoy! For more craft corner inspiration from Ringtons, click here. #StayHomeWithRingtons

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Craft corner: Herb Tea Caddies

We’re absolutely determined to fill our houses with all things tea over the coming weeks… The first thing we’re going to do is make ourselves some delightful herb plant pot caddies! An absolute treat to admire on our window sills… and to cook with! Materials: A selection of tea caddies or any containers you have to hand, cleaned A selection of herb plants or seeds Compost Water Method: If your squeaky clean caddy or container doesn’t have a drainage hole in the bottom, you’ll need to add a few –... Read More

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Zoe & Ringtons: Taking care of your mental well being at home…

In these strange and unprecedented times when we are experiencing such a dramatic change in the way we live our lives, it is normal for us to sometimes feel anxious and sad. It is important, now more than ever to focus on the positive things in our lives. When we can’t control so many aspects of life we need to look at the things we can make an impact on. One thing we do have is more time. We can use this time to do many positive things. Here are... Read More