A Visit to India and CeylonThe Ringtons Blog A Visit to India and Ceylon

Left Newcastle at 10 a.m. on the Silver Jubilee train and arrived at King’s Cross, London, on the stroke of 2 p. m. an average speed of over 67 miles per hour. A wonderful train, perfectly sprung and at no time was there any sensation of excessive speed. Had booked at the Metropole Hotel or may have had difficulty in finding rooms. Full houses everywhere – hotels, cinemas, theatres. The word “depression” did not appear to apply but of course it was Motor Show week. A very good excuse for people to get away for a few days whether they are contemplating buying a motor-car or not. Paid a visit to Mincing Lane market and met a few friends. Later visited the firm who are acting as our Brokers. Saw the teleprinter being installed and recieved a lengthy and interesting message from same before leaving England.

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