The Christmas preparation is well and truly underway. Presents are being sought out, lists are being made and the weather is certainly making us want to stay indoors to enjoy some winter warmers.

So here are our top tips for keeping you and your loved ones fed and watered in true Ringtons style this November.

  1. Start the day with our Whisky Orange Marmalade spread over hot toast. At just £1.55 this will perk you up with your morning cuppa.
  2. After lunch, treat yourself to something sweet. Our brightly coloured Sweet Tin comes with jelly babies, dew drops and midget gems and is just £5.99. Great for sharing!
  3. The mid-afternoon slump requires a cheeky little pick-me-up. Try our seasonal Coconut Covered Snowballs. Just £1.49 for a pack of 6.
  4. After dinner mint? Ringtons Luxury Mint Selection comes crammed with peppermint crèmes, mint thins and a mixture of milk and dark chocolates. A best seller year after year and just £4.49. Team with a cup of Italian Style Dark Roast Coffee for £2.99 or some Peppermint Tea for £1.10 to help ease the stomach.
  5. It’s late evening and you’ve got the munchies. Time to open the Savoury Selection and enjoy a unique collection of chutneys, relish and mustard on top of digestive biscuits. Presented in a stylish tine for only £7.99 this is as classic product updated for 2013. Snacking heaven!
  6. Bedtime. Stick the kettle on and enjoy a mug of our creamy Hot Chocolate in an instant. 10 sachets are £2.49 – a bargain for such a quick and easy, comforting drink to send you off to sleep.
  7. Wake refreshed for another Ringtons inspired day!

What does your Ringtons Winter Warming Day look like?

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